Steroids abuse explained

Steroids abuse is quite common. It is not weird to hear news in CNN or in the papers reporting on cases like death linked to drugs or athletes disqualified and get banned because of use of anabolic steroids in competitions. Seeing that this is becoming a trend, it is best we understand what is steroid abuse and how can it affect our body as well as our community.

The term steroid abuse is used when someone uses steroids for other reasons besides medical purpose. Steroids have many uses in the medical field. Steroids are used to regenerate muscle tissues when patients undergo surgery. Also, anabolic steroids are prescribed to men that have testicular cancer. Individuals that have this condition have to have their testes removed and they are given anabolic steroids to substitute the testosterone hormone that they cannot produce anymore and this will help sustain their secondary sexual characteristics.

So, steroid abuse happens when one uses steroids for other reasons and not for the one above just mentioned. Generally, steroids are known for it capabilities to build muscle fast and frequently is linked to body builders. But, many other athletes and also sports enthusiast uses steroids to gain an advantage over their components. When one take a cycle of steroids, they build muscle faster, their muscle recover more rapidly, they become more aggressive in their game and also they can train harder.

The abuse of performance enhancing drugs should stop. Besides making you to a macho man and having strength like the Incredible Hulk, there are many terrible side effects that come along with the consumption of anabolic steroids. Some of these side effects have caused deaths and also depression. The latest tragedy that is linked to the abuse of these substances is the passing of professional wrestler Chris Benoit. He killed his wife and son before ending his own life. The other side effects are acne, development of female like breast in men, “roid rage”, toxicity of the liver and many more.

Beside of the bad side effects that these substance can bring. Steroids should be also tightly controlled because it is going to be threat to our future generation. The athlete that uses these performance-enhancing drugs sends the wrong signal to the young athletes and they will think that it ok and acceptable to use anabolic steroids. Sportsmanship around the world will sink!