Stamina 4825 Magnetic Exercise Bike Reviews

stamina 4825 recumbent bikeThe Stamina 4825 Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike is an affordable workout equipment that features 6 preset workout programs that will suit your fitness requirements. This bike is a great choice for people who require a low-impact but effective training regimen. The silent, magnetic resistance allows for a smooth workout every time.

Another great thing about this Stamina Recumbent Bike is its easy-to-use InTouch exercise monitor. The one-button control and large LCD display will let you easily navigate through the different workout options. The padded molded seat will ensure comfort while exercising. It can be easily adjusted to fit the user’s height.

I want to provide a fair review so I did a research about the bike’s best features and the problems that real buyers have experienced. Let me share my research findings with you so you can decide if the equipment is worth your money or not.

6 Preset Workouts

The 6 fitness presets let you add a good variety into your workout routine. The programs include a pace guide and a user interactive target zone feature. This will indicate if your speed is too fast or too slow. If you are pedaling too slow, the speed indicator will adjust to the fast zone. If you pedal too fast, it will bring you back to slow zone, reminding you to pedal a little slower. The workout programs set speed targets that change throughout the session. The LCD screen is easy to read and choosing from one of the presets couldn’t be any simpler. Just make a few presses on the screen and you’re good to go. As you get more comfortable with your training, you can easily adjust the tension control to make your workout more challenging.

Silent Magnetic Resistance and Oversized Pedals

The Stamina Magnetic Recumbent Bike provides smooth, magnetic resistance that will allow you to have a more challenging workout without the noise. The tension can be easily increased or decreased so you can set the intensity of your training. The pedals of the Stamina Recumbent Bike are larger than many recumbent bikes. They are soft and yet firm enough to give you the support you need when pedaling. It does not matter if you are barefoot or wearing shoes because your feet will remain comfortable. You can adjust the straps to keep your feet in place.

Features and Specifications

Stamina 4825 Magnetic Exercise Bike

  • The Stamina 4825 is a recumbent stationary bike that is perfect for people who want a low-
  • impact training at home
  • The magnetic resistance is smooth and silent, giving you a noise-free workout every time
  • The dial tension control lets you choose the intensity of your workout
  • The large, easy-to-read screen shows all tracking information (time, speed, distance and calories)
  • It comes with 6 preset workout programs with pace guide
  • The pulse sensors will make it easier for you to stay within your target heart rate zone
  • Padded seat for optimal comfort. The seat can be adjusted to accommodate users of any height
  • The leveling stabilizer caps will ensure a wobble-free workout
  • The equipment has wheels for easy transport
  • You get 3 years warranty on frame and 90 days warranty on parts
  • The Stamina 4825 Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike can support users up to 300 lbs.

Customer Reviews and Scores

One of the things that stand out most about this bike is how quiet it is. Other exercise bikes can be annoying with the noise they produce while the user is pedaling. As of this writing, the Stamina 4825 Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike has been reviewed by 210 customers and was given 4.2 out of 5 ratings.

Overall, Stamina 4825 recumbent bike reviews are favorable. However, it’s important for me to mention one negative issue pointed out by one of the users so you can make an informed decision. One reviewer said “My seat did not sit in the same position as this picture on Amazon. The seat actually sat 4″ from the back-rest, making it impossible to ride the bike while sitting properly”. This seems to be uncommon because no other reviewers complained about the same problem. If the same thing happens to you, you can contact customer service so they can send a replacement seat.

Other reviewers said “Great bike, very quiet, easy to assemble”, “I really love that this machine has no arms – the recumbent bikes at the gym all have arms that go back and forth” and “Very high quality for this price. Very sturdy and stable ride as evidenced by 300 Lb. rating”.


In summary, the Stamina 4825 Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike is definitely a good option for those who are looking for an affordable workout equipment that comes with different levels of resistance and fitness presets. Majority of the buyers are very pleased with this purchase and that makes it easy for me to recommend this equipment to others.